About Caseify

Caseify began as an idea to bring innovation to today's business school classrooms by reimagining the way case studies are created and taught to business school students.

We started in July 2013 to build a platform for professors to become publishers by transforming flat, traditional case studies into living, dynamic web-based experiences. Our beta product, strives to make it easy for professors to create and share case studies. You can add your own original content, upload documents, videos, images, and essentially anything else that will improve your student's learning experience and then curate the case for your classroom. We obtain copyright clearance for you and help with any extra research you need to make your case study complete.

As we continue to add new features and functionality to our beta product, we value your feedback and ways we can improve Caseify. Send us an email with suggestions or questions.

Caseify Outside the Classroom

Although we built Caseify with the business school environment in mind, Caseify is also a platform for corporations and other organizations to share internal projects.

Imagine a platform where you can develop a case study on the latest investment you made or the consulting project you just finished or the acquisition analysis you just completed for your client and share it with your colleagues easily and quickly.

Caseify is the platform that makes all of this possible. Contact us today for a demonstration.